Boomerang International Educational Services

Boomerang International Educational Services was established in 2008. Our goal is to work with Educational Institutions and provide effective counseling to students wanting to pursue vocational & higher education in Australia. Ultimately our goal is to promote Australia as a destination for international students. We also assist international students who are already in Australia, and wish to pursue higher education after the completion of their high school, or vocational studies.

Boomerang International Educational Services is registered with the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs of South Australia, and is run as ASIC registered Company in Australia. The company is well aware of the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 and the obligations of the providers in respect to the requirements of the act. Our values are Honesty, Good Communication and Good Service to Students.

We take a very strong ethical approach to our business and we have built a good profile and credibility within the student community.

We ensure that we give ethical and unbiased advice to our students and their parents. We take a step further and in addition to simply placing students at institution, we help them during their time at the institution if they need us. There have been numerous occasions when we have assisted students with many issues, cultural adjustments, accommodation, references for part time jobs etc.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Boomerang are committed to driving societal change by Commitment to our local communities and the wider society