Project Description


Mainly prepares for an ever-growing industry that combines computer science and digital media to create animation, computer games, computer graphics and information visualization. It helps in developing your computing, application development and creative skills. It enhances to use cutting-edge technologies in animation,computer games and multimedia. Information Technology helps in gaining a strong foundation in theoretical and practical aspects of information technology and digital media production.

The course has been designed to provide graduates with:

  • a strong foundation in both the theoretical and the practical aspects of computer science and digital media production, including the use of advanced tools in the area
  • an understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities and a commitment to them
  • an ability to critically analyse and evaluate information and solve problems
  • well developed written and oral communication skills
  • an awareness of social, economic, cultural and environmental aspects of both digital media development and computer science
  • the ability to work professionally as an individual and as a member of multi-disciplinary teams
  • an understanding of the need to undertake lifelong learning and the capacity to do so
  • preparation for future management roles as a professional developer or computer scientist.

Job opportunities in Australia :

After Successful completion of the course, one can work as :

  • application support analyst
  • business intelligence consultant
  • graduate developer
  • graduate IT consultant
  • level one graduate IT help desk analyst.