Project Description


The degree provides you with a background in physics, chemistry and biology, complemented by insights into business, enterprise management, commerce, and legal issues such as intellectual property – all vital components for scientists working in business and industry.

Graduates will have many opportunities at the boundaries of traditional science due to the cross-disciplinary nature of their degree. Whatever the environment, commercial or research, these employment opportunities will be at the cutting-edge of technology. There are many opportunities for graduates who wish to work in a commercial environment

In the Nanotechnology Specialisation the topic sequence forms a coherent and explicit path towards a comprehensive appreciation of, and competence in, the appropriate underlying science. It also aims to develop a range of transferable research, analytical and communication skills including the capacity to:

  • Understand and apply modern scientific principles
  • Demonstrate skills in the retrieval and presentation of scientific information both orally and in writing to scientific and non-scientific audiences
  • Demonstrate proficiency in critical analysis of information and capacity to solve problems
  • Analyse and evaluate numerical data
  • Demonstrate competence in the practical use of relevant computer and information technology
  • Work effectively in a team
  • Appreciate the role of science in society
  • Understand the ethical issues raised through the study of science.

Job opportunities in Australia:

  • Nanofabrication technologist
  • Nanomaterial scientific officer
  • Nanosystems research assistant
  • Nanosystems scientist
  • Microengineering process development officer.


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