Project Description


The aim of the Bachelor of Nursing is to prepare comprehensive nurses who are reflective about their practice, have well-developed clinical reasoning skills and can confidently engage in nursing practice in a variety of environments/contexts, and to provide students with the learning opportunities they need to meet the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) Registered Nurse Accreditation Standards (2012) and achieve the  graduate qualities.

Graduates of the course are expected to be able to:

  • Meet the requirements for registration as general nurses with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia
  • Deliver nursing care as safe and therapeutic practitioners based on justifiable decisions derived from clinical reasoning and the best available evidence, taking account of the broader contexts of health and health care
  • Base their nursing practice on a holistic understanding of a person’s health status within their social context
  • Practise with an understanding of knowledge from supporting psychosocial and science disciplines
  • Critically reflect on their practice
  • Apply the principles and processes of nursing inquiry
  • Engage in research activities that promote and improve nursing practice and the profession
  • Adapt their nursing practice to the requirements of any situation, individual or group
  • Function as effective members of healthcare teams
  • Apply the University graduate qualities to their professional lives.

Job oppurtunities in Australia

Completing the nursing program opens a range of opportunities in various nursing practice. Here are a few of career opportunities in various fields:

  • Aged Care
  • Education
  • Neonatal Care
  • Community Health and General Practice
  • Hospital/Medical Facilities
  • Surgical
  • Emergency departments
  • Mental Health
  • Intensive care
  • Pediatrics and Cardiac Care

After completion of a particular Nursing degree (Diploma / Bachelor /Master )  they will be able to start their career as a Registered Nurse or an Enrolled Nurse in Australia.

Diploma + Bachelor of Nursing Package

Institutes – Tafe SA and Flinders University

  • Duration : 3.5 years .
  • Fee: $23,000 + $32,000 per year
  • IELTS : Overall 7 – Each band 7

Bachelor of Nursing (Pre-Registration)

Institutes – Flinders University

  • Duration : 3 years (Credit available up-to 1 year )
  • Fee : $32,000 per year
  • IELTS requirement: Overall 6.5 each band 6.
  • IELTS overall 6 acceptable with ELICOS

Bachelor of Nursing (Post-Registration)

Institutes – Flinders University

  • Duration: 1 year
  • Fee: $33,500 per year
  • IELTS requirement: Overall 6.5 Speaking / Writing: 6.5
  • IELTS overall 6 acceptable with ELICOS.

Master of Nursing

Institutes – Flinders University

  • Duration : 1.5 years to 2 years
  • Fee : $32,600 per year
  • IELTS : Overall 6.5 each band 6
  • IELTS overall 6 acceptable with ELICOS.