Making friends can be hard but not impossible. So instead of stressing out about how to make friends, try to enjoy what Australia has in store for you. Some basic points to keep in mind when trying to make friends,

  • Be open minded (Don’t judge and try to accommodate different attitudes and ways of thinking. Keep in mind, there would be huge culture shock from how it may have been in your country)
  • Socialise (try to join clubs or activities which interests you so you can find friends with similar interests or join activities which are new to you and explore different things, you may be surprised what you may end up loving. You’ll never know until you try out.)
  •  Don’t turn down an invite unless you REALLY don’t want to go. (try to participate and talk to as many people as you can. This way you’re networking as well as understanding the Australian culture better and making use of your time in Australia)
  • Have FUN. (MOST IMPORTANT thing to keep in mind. Be confident and don’t be scared to talk to people)


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