Things to bring to Australia as a New Student

Studenten im Seminar lernen für Prüfung
Leaving everything behind and starting something new in a foreign land is always a challenge. A mixture of emotions has you surrounded. Sometimes its hard to tell if the thumping of the heart is out of excitement or fear of the hurdles you. Might face Fear not, you will get the hang of it once you have arrived. And stay for few weeks  and in few months, you would even call it your second home!!!
First and foremost, please confirm your pick-up details. The person who is going to pick you up and the place that you shall be staying in.
Focusing on the immediate items that you could bring with you are the following:

Important papers

  • Passport (obviously!) and other documents of identification, e-visa, your copy of COE, GTE and your academic transcripts.
  • The documents that are a proof to your insurance cover. One that you can use to call up the insurance provider here and have your card delivered to your address!
  • Cash, now you can bring US dollars but do change them into AUD at the airport.
  • Medical history, prescriptions for any regular medication that you use.

Personal items

If you are planning to arrive anywhere between November – April then do take a note that you shall be greeted with warm to hot, dry
weather (average 20o C  min – 35o max).
On the other hand, if you plan to arrive between May – October then it shall be a cold and wet greeting! Quite opposite to the temperatures we face in Nepal.
So I would advise you to pack accordingly.
  • A must for anyone coming here is the 3-pin travel adapter because trust me I had a hard time without that when I first arrived.
  • Laptop or a Tablet
  • Footwear, pair of cloths, jackets, sanitary items
  • The universities here do not require of an uniform
Do not over pack as there are affordable clothing and utility stores available such as:
  • Kmart
  • Woolworth
  • Coles
which provide the basics needs of our day to day life such as blankets, pillows, etc.
Last but not the least make beautiful memories with your loved ones before you arrive. As those memories will help you stay strong over here.

Things to do in Adelaide for FREE!!!

Now who doesn’t like stuffs for free! Especially when we students are on a budget!! Listed below in the link are the various places where you can go and enjoy your weekends for free! Yes, you heard it right! It doesn’t cost you a cent (well your ATP or should I say the energy currencies of your body. Which get used up for the loads of fun that you have when you go about those awesome places!!!) So, what are you waiting for grab the opportunity. Add fun to your weekends because you do need to distress after all those assignments. What a fun way to get in touch with the culture of Adelaide as well as having a merry time!!!

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